Our Story

As a start-up, our beginnings were modest with the idea for the need of a new approach to rubber compounding, in an increasingly demanding market. Our profound belief in ultimate product quality and customer service led to the founding of SPC Europe, a family company specialising in the supply of competitive high tech rubber compounds to the most demanding and often critical applications.

Today our products are routinely relied upon in the aerospace and automotive industries, in process industries and in the energy sector.

Initially established in Whitby, North Yorkshire, the business began trading as SPC UK. The name rapidly became synonymous with outstanding technical support, product quality and flexibility.

The growth profile of SPC provides testimonial to the success of the Company's business philosophy. Making significant investment steps along the way, including a technical service facility, offering full technical service support and laboratory development and in 2007 a dedicated FKM line.

SPC Europe achieved a further advance in October 2008, with the acquisition of ATR Compounding in Westbury, Wiltshire. The addition of this second site to the Group has resulted in a threefold increase in production capacity, together with additional competencies and manufacturing capability, representing a milestone in the Company's development and a continued commitment to its customers.