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The first Carbon Black
used was from collecting
Lamp Black


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SPC is a leading manufacturer of rubber compounds, specialising in technically demanding high quality products. As one of few wholly dedicated custom rubber compounders, SPC achieves the focus necessary to be a true leader in the field. The SPC name has become synonymous with rubber compounding of exceptional and consistent quality, combined with outstanding customer service and technical support. SPC offers a full service from design and development to the finished product.

SPC’s commitment to continual improvement, best working practices and in-house production control systems ensure that the Company’s operations are amongst the most efficient and competitive in the industry, delivering products of exceptional quality and consistency.

Custom Rubber Compounding

The results of our research and development can be found at the heart of critical components in the aerospace, automotive, chemical, defence and energy industries. We supply customers around the world, growth in sales is particularly strong in the UK and Europe, where the Company confidently expects this trend to continue. SPC products are routinely used by recognized market leaders, in the most demanding of applications. These include the manufacture of critical components for the Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical and Energy sectors

What can we do for you ?

The most successful companies recognise mixing is the heart of rubber processing. SPC know and understands your compounds giving you more time to focus on your customers and develop higher value added.

We carry out detailed work on compound development and ingredients. We cover the common materials, EPDM, HNBR, NBR, NR, FKM, more.. and work with many downstream applications to tailor make your compound.

Reduce your current compound cost

We know how the world is changing, the huge experience we have in developing compounds we can adapt a recipe to get the performance you need at the best price.

We are always here to help we. If you are experiencing difficulties get in contact and ask